My poetry journey started in the early 1990's when I wrote my first poem, "Life (Tides)", based on a photo I captured, and my own experience, of a Florida sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.  I continued writing off and on during my years as an elementary teacher.  I'm retired now, and fully immersed in this exciting and unique literary art form.  I thank my Book Peeps friends, and my fellow poets at Cincinnati Poetry Project (a  sub-group of The Cincinnati Writers Project), for your valuable feedback.  As I write the words,  creating poetic images, I hope to bring those words together with my other poetic images -- the photographic kind.  I live in Milford, Ohio, near Cincinnati.

~Kimberly Ann Schwarz, poet and photographer

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Photo by Kimberly Ann Schwarz, Florida Sunrise, 1993

Life (Tides)read by Kimberly Ann Schwarz
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Ars Poetica

Poetry is the electricity
for my mind, heart, and soul.
Its energy invites me to dream,
to lose myself
within my life portrait:

Remembering my joys,
the generosity of life, and being alive,
and my sorrows, the maladies, the quarrels —
all that count in my life,
and why they do.
It is the gravity needed
to bring us all together along
our chosen paths, to outwalk,
go beyond what is known,
to know the undiscovered,
to weave common threads,
to be healed.

I sense the salt of my life
on my writer’s fingertips,
ready to power up my poetic voice.

© 2019 Kimberly Ann Schwarz

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© 2020 Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Ars Poeticaread by Kimberly Ann Schwarz
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