Poems in 2019


All poems and photos were made by Kimberly Ann Schwarz.


THANK YOU to all who made my poems heard!

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Dear Daffodils.mp3read by Joyce Schehl
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Coming-of-Age.mp3read by Marilyn Klump-Stringfield
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© 2018 "Main Street Milford" photo by Kimberly Ann Schwarz

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I sit alone
at a table for two,
barely hearing little bits
of a story:

…One day, it just rained…

She listens, looks at him,
absorbing each word
like a sponge.  He continues
his story.

…staring in the mirror…

Her eyes, still engaged,
but her face and body start to sink.
No sign of her avoiding or redirecting him,
I see how his words soak her mind and heart.

…So in the process of reckoning with it…

Soon her hand reaches his,
along with her eyes,
and lends support to him,
wiping away any shame or blame.

…slowly submitting myself to…

Finally, a smile — hers, then his —
allowing his words, his story
to linger in the air, to dry out
and restore the shape of its purpose.

That’s what we do,
I think to myself,
as I leave them behind
in the busy coffeeshop.

© 2019 Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Eavesdroppingread by Kimberly Ann Schwarz
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Those Wings Move
to maneuver its center, its mass, its soul
            to the left            to the right
fluttering here                  and there
from flower to flower
sugar, its food
giver of new growth
larger than needed, but not really —
sharp turns would morph into wide ones
missing parts would disable flight
too easy of a prize for others
80 to 100 degrees fahrenheit, a gift
for flight and survival.

Without them, earthly life weakened.

                 - For Meagan Toothman, 1987-2011

© 2019 Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Those Wings Move.mp3read by Kimberly Ann Schwarz
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Lotus Leaf Haiku.mp3read by Kimberly Ann Schwarz
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Lost or Found


The dreams we see
on any given day
tend to be
loose and fleeting
lost and forgotten.

The dreams we see
in a visionary way
promise to be
focused and lasting
found and laudable.

© 2018 Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Lost or Found.mp3read by Kimberly Ann Schwarz
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